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cheap nike nfl jerseys association held in five and ten times the standing council, issued in the past five years China's garment industry statistics. Chinese jerseys association executive vice President of Chen Dapeng said that over the past five years is to promote China's garment industry one of the fastest growing for five years. Over the past five years, in the face of complicated international and domestic economic environment, the increasingly fierce market competition, china nike nfl  jerseys industry keep sustained growth in the two markets, progress of value innovation, transformation and upgrading overall acceleration, the industry of the new situation of present the innovation and development.

Statistics show that in terms of foreign trade, garment export quantity is relatively stable over the past five years in China, but the export amount is increasing, from $119.79 billion in 2008 to $2012 in 160.155 billion. In terms of domestic consumption, limitation above business jerseys retail sales from 377.55 billion yuan in 2008, growth in 2012 to 977.78 billion yuan, an increase of 158.98%.

Chen Dapeng pointed out that the speeding up of globalization and information technology, industrial resource reconfiguration in the global scope, comprehensive test for China's apparel industry, industry should be taken to adjust the industrial structure, comprehensively promotes endogenous momentum, positive and effective measures to develop brand growth, accumulated in the past industrial development on the basis of updating and transformation, with higher enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, from innovation, stimulate endogenous power, build new advantages.